Key Features
  • Wireless headphone
  • Superior audio experience
  • 8 hours of battery
  • Super Comfortable &
  • Lightweight
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Pace live focus has Wireless headphones with a Superior audio experience. Pace live focus gives one 8 hours of battery life it is  Super Comfortable & Lightweight. Buy Pace Focus Live at the best price online from City Hub Electronics Kenya and have it delivered to your doorstep.
The Headphones come in very nice and thoughtful packaging which is a lovely red box with some astounding home-based aesthetics making it feel very homely and not unrelatable at all. To top that the black color complemented by the red touches gives the headphones a subtle but breathtaking appearance.
In the same spirit of thoughtfulness, the headphones do offer a great set of cushions both underneath the band and on the speakers, giving you some classic comfortability that one well deserves.
Bluetooth Enabled
Being Bluetooth-enabled, the headphones come with a power button alongside volume buttons, all on the left speaker. Located at the back, it is interesting that reaching them is not that much of a problem as one would expect. Brought Out in the color red, the power buttons evidently are there for the sole purpose of activating the Bluetooth connectivity and then the rest is up to you. Next to them are the headphone jack, Micro SD card slot, USB port, and the power indicator.
Sound Quality
When it comes to quality then Pace has made a name for itself, the days of poor sound and having to settle for mediocre is only by your wish and not that there is no speaker with good sound. Their engineers are doing an extraordinary job to ensure that the clients get to experience only the best there is.
Pace has been found to be and give the best especially for watching movies. With speakers that give off a louder sound, you do get to hear every single sound effect and conversation. This is actually really good for live music fanatics who love to hear every beat and every instrument playing.
Bluetooth connectivity is quite fast which is quite a grand thing, no anxiety, no time wastage just phenomena. Then topped up with such a good battery, you really don’t get to worry much about it switching off when you are in the groove. Besides, one does get an audio cable that you can use even when the battery dies.
Pace Live headphones are Bluetooth headphones that can last 8hrs on a single charge. You can even move from genres to genres of music, listen to eat for almost a whole day, and create the ambiance and space you so much want. Pace Focus headphones offer to surround sound giving you the best experience when listening to music while shutting out distractions.

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